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FreeCell -- How to get more information

Copyright 2005 by Michael Keller. All rights reserved.
This file was revised on March 25, 2005.

Late in 1997 I started to write an FAQ for the game of FreeCell; the early versions were sent to a mailing list of FreeCell enthusiasts begun by Wilson Callan and I.  I had hoped this mailing list would become a discussion group for FreeCell; this never happened.    There has been virtually no feedback from list subscribers during the five years the list has run; almost all of the new material was produced by me or a small group of researchers.   Wilson Callan had taken over Dave Ring's solution catalog some time in 1997, and had also started to receive requests for solutions.  I took over answering requests in mid-1997; since then I have answered well over 500 requests (including duplicates), not to mention thousands of general questions on FreeCell (and the Microsoft program in particular).  Over the past year or two my frustration over answering the same questions over and over has grown, and early this year I decided I would shut down most of the site's activities, partly to devote more time to other forms of solitaire on my Solitaire Laboratory site. As of July 2nd, 2003, requests for solutions will be answered for a nominal fee of $5.00 per solution (the easiest way to pay is by PayPal).   I will handle any deal from any program I have access to (the one million Windows XP deals, the 8 billion FreeCell Pro deals, NetCELL, PGS, or even a hand-dealt one if you send it in standard form).  I will no longer answer routine questions that are answered in the FAQ, and will not answer any questions specifically about Microsoft FreeCell.   The existing pages, including the FAQ and solution catalog, will continue to be available.    There will be one posting to the mailing list to wrap up.   The FAQ will continue to be maintained, and I am still interested in hearing about any worthwhile additions to it.

If you still wish to write me, send e-mail (plain text, not HTML) to Michael Keller  (please -- absolutely no attachments without prior arrangement).

(1) To request a solution to a particular deal not already here, please make payment of $5 in advance (full refund if I do not provide a solution).  Please put the number of the solution requested (and the program if not Microsoft or FreeCell Pro) in the subject field of your e-mail.   Please don't ask for a solution to 11982, which is impossible (so are the joke deals -1 and -2).  Please do not ask for hints or submit new solutions.

(2) If you have a general question about FreeCell you are sure is not answered in the FAQ or elsewhere on the site, send it to me.   If it is answered on the site, you will get a short form letter telling you this.   Please do not ask specific questions about the Microsoft FreeCell program -- everything I know is in the FAQ or in Tips and Tricks for Microsoft FreeCellI cannot help you diagnose problems with a corrupted or missing Microsoft FC program; beyond suggesting that you reinstall FreeCell (remove Games (part of Accessories), using Start/Settings/Control Panel: Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup Tab. Restart your computer, then reinstall Games from the Windows CD-ROM.), I have no help to offer.