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Unfortunately downloads and support are no longer being offered for FCPro.

Copyright 2019 by Michael Keller.   All rights reserved. 
This page was revised on October 28, 2019.

Reports from users indicate that FCPro 6.5 works on Windows systems through Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

FreeCell Pro 6.4 contained bug fixes which should eliminate many of the memory problems of earlier versions, and in particular prevent most cases of system crashes on Windows NT and 2000 systems (special thanks to Hal Antonson and Jim Strasma for helping Adrian diagnose the problems).  As always, FreeCell Pro should be regarded as somewhat experimental, and some bugs will still be present.    The program is now open source, allowing anyone to obtain and modify the source code.

FreeCell Pro 6.5 was the final experimental Solver Evaluation version developed by Adrian Ettlinger, with two more solvers (by Shlomi Fish and Tom Holroyd added).    There is no documentation available for this version, and we are not supporting it.   Use at your own discretion.    F8 triggers the Fish solver and F9 the Holroyd solver.  

Note: is a standard ZIP archive, and can be opened using any unzipping program. After unzipping, be sure to leave all three files: fcpro6.exe, fcpro.hlp, and cards.dll in the same folder.  Do not move cards.dll to your Windows\System folder.

Some users on Windows NT/2000 systems have reported that when the program is run for the first time, the cards appear as narrow rectangles in the left side of the program window.  If this occurs, use Window/Card Size to set the card size to 71 by 96.  

Note: The code for dealing the same numbers as Microsoft FreeCell is here.

Freecell Pro plays similarly to Microsoft FC and has the same game numbers. It does not run under Windows 3.1.   It has many options for compatibility with Microsoft FreeCell, including keyboard support for 0 and 9, optional double-click to send cards to the freecells, and won-lost statistics. FCPro also has many extra features:

1) It records your solution in standard notation.
       Note: After completing a solution you want to save, use the Copy command (control-C) to copy the solution to the Clipboard, where you can then paste it into a text file or e-mail message. Do not rely on the xxxxxlog.txt file.   We hope that the bugs which sometimes cause the log file to be garbled have been eliminated, but cannot be sure of this.
2) It has deals 0 to 8+ billion; 1 to 32000 are the same as the standard Microsoft games (and the first million are the same as Windows XP). Deals may be selected from the ranges of 1 to 32000, one million, or 8-billion-plus, at the user's choice.
3) The number of freecells available can be set from zero(!) through seven.
4) It has a solver (written by Don Woods) built in.  
5) It has undo back to the starting move, and redo up to the most recent move.  Undo may be limited to one move or disabled entirely if the user prefers.
6) It saves your position in any deal to be returned to at any time.
7) It has a card finder which highlights all cards of the same rank.
8) It has supermove, which takes maximal advantage of empty columns when moving long sequences.
9) It has play aids (arrows and lines to show you quickly where columns can be moved and how much of them can be moved).
10) It has a Next Game command (F5) allowing you to play deals in sequence without typing the number of each deal.
11) It keeps track of how many attempts are made on each deal.
12) It has a Custom Game command allowing you to input any random deal.

FCPro was designed and programmed by Wilson Callan and Adrian Ettlinger.    Michael Keller obtained Jim Horne's dealing code and Don Woods' solver code, and helped to beta test FCPro.