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FreeCell -- General Information and Catalog of Selected Solutions

Since 1998 I have maintained a site (a successor to sites run by Dave Ring and Wilson Callan) devoted to FreeCell, the most popular form of card solitaire in the computer world.    I have written an extensive FAQ on the game, and for a while maintained an irregular mailing list to update FreeCell enthusiasts on the latest developments in the game. Click on any of the pictures or text boxes below to go to the link described underneath.

FAQ thumbnail                  FreeCell Pro              Catalog

             Frequently Asked Questions and Links                   FreeCell Pro, a program with a built-in solver         A catalog of selected solutions
                                                                                             (Download it free now: soon to disappear)

Difficult Deals
        Tutorial                 Tips and Tricks      

           Lists of difficult (and a few easy) deals                 Novice player? Read the tutorial and go step-by-step        Tips and Tricks for Microsoft FreeCell
                                                                                                           through a winning game

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