Solitaire Virtuoso

Solitaire Virtuoso is an omnibus solitaire program for Windows, designed as a companion to the articles on the Solitaire Laboratory website.  In development now, it will eventually include a replacement for the obsolescent FreeCell Pro.  The version of FreeCell included will support variable numbers of columns and freecells, allow the user to play Ephemeral FreeCell (screenshot below shows a deal in progress with two normal and two ephemeral freecells) and other variants, as well as related games like Penguin and Baker's Game.  Solitaire Virtuoso includes the most extensive set of game and rule variations and playing options available in any program, and a number of games found in no other collections.  It includes support for multiple decks, and up to eight suits in four colors.  The deck can also be reduced (in ranks or suits) so that many varieties of mini-solitaire can be played.  It is small and portable, loads quickly, fits on the smallest USB flash drives, and writes no files to the Windows registry or any system directories.   Virtuoso is not yet a replacement for FreeCell Pro (still available here); please do not order if FreeCell is what you are looking for.

FreeCell Virtuoso

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Order now for $8 and get the current version.  You will be able to obtain all future releases at no extra charge.  The current version officially supports the following games (click on the pictures to jump to articles with rules and strategy):
   Accordion       Aces Up        Autumn Leaves              

   Fortress         14 Out          Giza         Golf

     Maverick      Montana           Nestor         Building Ranks
The first draft edition of the player's guide has now been posted here.

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